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game one of their four game series with the diamondbacks, the nats' bats went silent as they were shut out two straight games. today they got their groove back. top of the 2nd, bases loaded. two outs. hit by the pitch. the ump rules he swung, and he did. he's out. inning is over. argument to no avail. scoreless. sac fly, ending a 20 inning scoreless drought. he is hit. both benches are warned. werth chasing down a sky high ball. check out the leaping catch, over the fence for the out. good stuff there. to the 6th, marquis hits up ton. marquis is tossed. 8th inning, nats add to the lead. 3run homer to left. his fourth of the year. nats have a 4-0 lead. bottom 9, a 4-3 game. burnett gets an easy double play ball. but wait, he beats the throw to first, it's tied. we go to extras. the nats go ahead in the 11th. bases loaded. morris is taking that ball for a ride. second career grand slam. nats win, 9-4 the final. >> i was trying to slow down. before that, i was trying too hard. when i do my bette, i just try to touch it. i got a good pitch, and around 8 back home, so that's about the time
shattering for him. >>> when we return is eight enough for the master? going to win more? o's and nats coming up. sa navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign yo u ally want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >>> welcome back. i'm dave feldman. the nats had not lost since june 9th entering today. visiting orioles hoping eight was enough. activated from the disabled list, hoping to lead the nats to a sweep. orioles up 1-0 in the 3rd. solo shot to center. orioles up 2-0. nats down 3-1, 2 outs. michael morris comes to score. we've got a one-run game. 5th inning now. o 's are up, 4-2. double to left places jones. o's win, 7-4. >> it's been a good st
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dierence. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. >>> good day for the nats? >> good day for the nats. this is good news. it's official. davey johnson is the new manager of the washington nationals and will manage the team for the rest of the schbl he'll likely be the skipper for next season as well. but they will con taukt a managerial search at the end of the year. ron darling described the hiring like this. if you're a mets fan it's sad day because he is going to make them winners and johnson was previously a senior adviser with the nats. he signs a three-year consulting contract that keeps him with the organization through 2013. he spent this last year training with them and in 14 big league season, johnson's clubs finished first or second 11 times. that's impressive. he led the mets to the '86 world series title. in '87 he helped the orioles win their division. here now is gm mike rizzo. >> we're very fortunate that we have a person within arm's distance that can -- that has a resume he has, that has the knowledge that he has, really the knowledge of the organization on the minor
laundering probe. the washington times is reporting the nats right hander is suspected of acting as a straw buyer for a convicted puerto rican drug buyer. there were two luxury sports cars purchased in 2006. the cars were made in hernandez's name. s have confess has been convicted of trafficking drugs into -- vasquez has been convicted of trafficking drugs into the u.s. >>> authorities a 54-year-old rasheed martin swallowed 97 thumb sized pellets, tried to make it through customs saturday, but an x-ray allowed agents to see foreign objects in his body. it weres out he had consumed 3 pounds of heroin. >> there were some inconsistencies on questioning and an officer wanted further investigation. the person may finally admit they've done something wrong and may have something illegal coming into the country. >> martins had just arrived from france. fox 5 learned he admitted to being paid a couple thousand dollars to transport the drugs from nigeria. immigrations is investigating. >>> there is a battle brewing over whether the so-called war on drugs should come to an end. today a group that inc
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. >> and humid. >> how about those nats? >>> speaking of hot streaks they have not done this well since 2009. it is a bizarre state of affairs with the nationals. the club has an -- good things happen when he is back in a lineup. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> here is something that has rarely been said -- the nationals are baseball's hottest team on an 9-game winning streak. the nats hosting the orioles bottom of the first, brian zimmerman gets a hold of one down the left-field line. it's his first homer since coming off of the dl to tie the game 1-1. check out our drive that mark espinoza stopped. bottom of the sixth, still tied. mike moore's crushes one -- morris crushes one to right. von rodriguez hasn't lost it. he finds one up against the wall. the nats win 4-2. it is very promising but on started territory for the nats -- and started -- uncharted territory for the nats. >> it is certainly a sense of accomplishment. >> here is the question for the day and this weekend -- can anyone touch rory mcilroy? he started the
mclaren didn't get to see the end of the 14-inning contest between the nats and the white sox. chuck? >>> we had a little bit of extra cloud cover around today. the big question is, will we have the same number of clouds to deal with on our sunday. i'll give you a complete check of the sunday forecast and a look >>> this is it. see you in july. >> the second anniversary of the death of the king of pop. michael jackson died from an overdose of a drug called proep oh follow. his personal doctor they claim is guilty of those charges. thousands of people across the globe are remembering jackson. the city of gary, indiana, hosting a memorial tribute at jackson's boy hood home, complete with food, and of course, music. this "thriller" re-enactment was a protest. 3,000 student demonstrators took to the streets in chile from the video. they're demanding more government money for higher education. students say the zombie motif is the perfect metaphor tor the situation as rotten and dead. >>> a vivid celebration in the district today. the sights and sounds from one of d.c.'s most colorful occa
against the nats in dc the closest they play to home but because it's inner league and national league rules apply maybe the o's are out of theirelement. guerrero not in the starting lineup and pitchers have to bat. o's rookie pitcher never batted in a big league game and slams a base hit to left field and drives in a run. britton's first big league hit put the o's on top but that changes when the nats pitcher bats. 5th inning lays down a bunt. look at this throw. it's bad. costly error. opens the door to a big inning and nats take the lead tied in the 6th. former oriole jerry heirston delivers a double. and they get three runs that inning and the o's lose despite getting 18 hits. 8 to 4 the final and nats have won 7 in a row. two more games in the series you can see them right here. on wjz tomorrow at 1, sunday at 1:30 and o's -- 1:30 and on the's and nats. >>> -- 1:0 and o's and nats. >>> --o's and nats another golfer has assumed tiger's role. 22-year-old roy mci will roy -- mcilroy the highlight of the round second shot on the par 5, 18th hole. he lands it on the green and watch the
, primero en la noticia==== nat sound---wait for cue ---cientos de bomberos de toda la bahia, del estado y hasta de otros paises se congregan en la catedral de santa maria de san francisco para rendirle un ltimo y emotivo tributo a sus compaÑeros caidos durante el cumplimiento de su deber... cu - anchor noti intro --- muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, les saluda cesar bayona......... cu ---el dia comenz con el transporte de los cuerpos de vincent perez y anthony valerio take vo ---que recorrieron varias millas antes de llegar a la explanada de la catedral en donde ya los esperaban miles de colegas en formacin para homenajearlo s... ---adentro del templo, tambien estuvieron presentes los mas altos dignatarios del estado como el gobernador jerry brown, el vice- gobernador gavin newsom y la congresista nancy pelosi entre otros... ---el sacerdote que encabezo los servicios liturgicos empez la ceremonia en espaÑol, y el ejemplo fue seguido por el hermano de vincent perez, quien ley un pasaje bblico.. sot hermano de vicent pérez dice: "en aquellos dias judas
! the nats name a new skipper. a former world champ who's been in our neck of the woods before. that's coming up. >>> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. cold front is through us. humidity levels are dropping. here is your wakeup weather. spectacular. 60s if you get up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. 70s by 8:00. 10:00, temperatures still in the 70s. mostly sunny skies. we'll talk about showers and where they're going to be and take you through the weekend into next week. >> bad news about the work week. the good news the asteroid bearing down on earth is going to miss us by just that much next monday. bad news is that means you're still going to have to go to work. they will be hard at work at the washington office that actually tracks these things. gary nurenberg is here with what they'll likely be doing. >> derek, it sounds more like hollywood but there is an office at nasa here in washington that's charged with finding and stopping objects that could come hurdling through space, slam into the planet, potentially destroying it. it is called the near earth objects. >> 13 years ago, the movies arma
for a lot of people that were outside. nats and orioles fans were glad to not get rained on as well, even if it is a little bit sticky. although that goes with the territory in dc. this humidity is like a sample of august, however. i want to show you we have a sample of cloud cover in the area but we could still see a shower possible tomorrow morning. let me take you to vipir so you can see there's a lot of activity, not so much in our area. we got the pass. i love to watch some of the remnants from not only this city coming up from the south, might linger in the form of a few showers tomorrow morning but might be a trigger for that, and here comes our cool front that's going to be west of but still close enough that it could trigger a round of thunderstorms and showers in the afternoon, pushing through ohio, and that has been a pretty consistent line of thunderstorms we've been seeing. what we want to headline you to for tomorrow is we'll likely see scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and frankly we could see some friday too. some good signs as we head into the weekend. the front
tied in with the game. a special adviser to the nats. he has a close relationship with rizzo, the gm. i think it's a good fit, but riggleman has to be upset he gets handed a multiyear deal where they wouldn't give riggleman a conversation about the contract extension. >> and in some of the aspects with the baseball and the football, it's different because football will change rules on you every year. i'm not so worried about davey being in touch with the game. how long does it take baseball to change the rules? i mean really. come on. he's not going to call too many timeouts. >> i guess it's not that big of a deal. they did play a baseball game today in chicago. let's take a look at highlights as they were, not many for the nats. but john mcclarion as the interim manager. and again, you know, the nats couldn't hit toof the last 13 coming in. but great defense for the white sox and a little in the 8th, busted it up for the white sox. o's lost today 10-5. is this a wild card? do we think they can make a run? >> i don't know if they can really make a run. you look at the pitching. that
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to become the new manager of the washington nationals. the 68-year-old was already on the nats payroll serving as a senior adviser. in 14 seasons as a big league skipper, johnson led the 1986 mets to a world series title. in 1997, he was the american league manager of the year guiding the orioles to the al east crown. on the field last night, nats and chicago against the white sox, interim manager getting ejected for arguing a reversed call at first base. and the game goes to extras. how about the 14th? ryan zimmerman doubles deep to right scoring jayson werth. the nats defeat the white sox 9-5 in extras. the game lasted four hours and 58 minutes. the nats have won 12 of their last 13 games. in baltimore last night, derrick lee hits a walkoff home run in the 12th inning and the orioles defeat the reds 5 ksh 4 also in extras. at the college world series, uva against south carolina, bottom of the 13th, tied at 2, robert berry at the plate with two on, no out, lays down a bunt. the pitcher fields it, throws to third, and, oh, no. those it away. adam matthews races home to score the winnin
. bottom of the 1st, nats down 1- 0 and ryan, takes the picks out of tleft and that is his first home run since returning from the dl and tied 1-1. and zimmerman, he would span mark reynolds in the 5th and in the 3rd, giving up two earned runs with the ninth straight start allowing three runs or less. the nats go up 3-1 and win 4-2, eight in a row. the long of the winning streak since august of 2009, and after the game, jim riggleman on mike morse. >> and i am glad to see some, a long stretch where he's not great at bats and that is his whole team is teammates appreciate it and the whole game is progressing, the defense and he's playing good baseball like the rest of them. >> the nfl lockout is getting old. not just to the fans but players as well. this past week, the redskins held player-run workouts the third time in 3 months and hoping it would be the last. seems the deal and until and players may get done in the upcoming weeks. this round of player provided the first meeting between the skins first-round pick and third-year linebacker brian arapo. the rookie will be following a simila
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in the majors by 12 points. >>> so did the shakeup help tonight against the padres? the nats wearing throwbacks. ryan ludwig, but no cigar. the first run of the game. gets a double. two batters later, wilson at the plate and he rockets one up the middle. the base hit would score, the nats up 2-0. they go on to win 2-1 for the second straight day. bruce earns his 14th save. >> orioles hosting the rays. bottom 6. o's down one. and for the second time in this game, he knocks one out of the yard. this one going some 420 feet into center field. and the o's take a 4-3 lead. now tied at 4. bottom 7. jj gives it a good ride. a towering shot to left. is it gone? not if justin has anything to do with it. the leap, the nag, and the home run rob. this game would go into extra innings. top of the 11th. evan, a broken bat that would fall for a base hit. ben comes in to score. the ray's add another run. 11 innings, ending baltimore's four-game winning streak. >> ncaa super regionals, virginia hosting cal irvine. he gets to start. top second, registered the first of his three strikeouts. he pitched 5 1/3 sco
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-hour baseball game. >> true. >> jim riggleman drew his line in the sand and the nats didn't care. how today's standoff unfolded at the ballpark and how it led to the skipper's sudden resignation. plus the nba draft is tonight. what will the wizards do with that number 6 pick. 9sports looks into it after this. >>> stop sign time for 9sports with brett haber. best sports in town. >> today was supposed to be a celebration for the nats. swept the mariners. above 500 for the first time since mid-april. jim riggleman dropping a bombshell that nobody saw coming. the nats' manager abruptly resigned following the game this afternoon. having given team management an ultimatum. jim riggleman told the gm mike rizzo before the game unless the team picked up his contract option for next year by the time the game was over, he, jim riggleman would not get on the bus to travel with the team to chicago. mike rizzo refused that ultimatum and jim riggleman quit. this has taken everybody by surprise inside and outside the organization. >> reporter: it has, brett. this was somewhat of a dream job for jim rigglem
. tonight 2-4 and a solo home run, so i guess he's all right. more of the nats future came into place tonight with the sixth pick in the major league draft the nats selected anthony rendon, a third baseman. his birthday is today and he was the hop rated player in the draft according to baseball -- top rated player in the draft according to baseball america, but he's had both ankle and shoulder injuries in recent years. so general manager mike rizzo happy rendon still around when it was the nats turn. >> we're pleasantly surprised. we did a lot of work on him. we feel we know him very, very well. our vice president of player personnel roy clark actually drafted him out of high school for the atlanta braves and got to know him very, very well. so we've had a long relationship with him and his family and we feel really good about it. >> the nats with the late start in san fran facing the giants 2nd inning michael morris had a grand slam yesterday and good- bye tim lincecum, his ninth homer of the season puts the nats up 1-0. right now they lead 4-0 in the4th. >>> brian madison and the
are excited, yes . feldy has exciting news on nats departures and they're continuing to win. we'll be right back. ou >> the washington nationals have time to dwell after their loss to the orioles, their first loss in nine games. 5-1, two outs, the bottom of the ninth, when jerry harrison got a base hit, driving in jason worth, 5-2, nats still alive. two batters later, two on, harrison chugs on home and now it's 5-3 and two on, and still two out, and the nats still alive. and that sets the stage for wilson ramo. did he get enough of it? if he did, and yes, he did, a three-run home run to end the game. walk-off variety. nats score five in all with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. a thrilling 6-5 come-back win, and after the game, the hero had an interesting post-game interview. >> this was such an unbelievable come-back. how are you guys able to battle tonight? >> well. [cheering] >> well, the gatorade in the middle of the post-game interview and to his credit, he came back in and continued the interview, so good for him. good for the nats too. os lose to the pir
. it is free. >> the nats must really like a challenge because they seem to excel when they have got a really tough opponent. >> the phillys the best team in baseball. they probably didn't feel like the best time in baseball the last 48 hours because the nats made them look sily. today roy oswald getting the fuzzy end of the stick. plus, shaq retiring. is it true or just another one of his jokes. you be the judge. 9 sports is next. >> i'm andrea roane. join me for a look at the susan g. komen race for the cure. see how the money you gave is making a difference. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >>> it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >>> the best team in baseball taking on the worst hitting team in baseball who was throwing three pitchers in roy halliday, cliff lee and roy oswald. the nats spanked all three of them. they beat lee last night. today it was roy. and that'
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to wrap their heads around this one because jim riggleman and the nats seem to have everything going for them. they were close to being a contender and then out of the left field, he told his players i quit. the nats have kept riggleman on a short leash working on just a one-year deal and an option for next year. riggleman wanted assurances there would be a next year. in a nod to the job riggleman had done with the nats, san francisco's manager said he had intended to name him one of his all-star coaches. not anymore. before the game yesterday, riggleman says he asked for a conversation about his option but said gm mike rizzo was unwilling to talk so he turned in his resignation leaving fans disapointed. >> i think washington has a big problem. if you look at the football team, you look at the baseball team, there is a little bit of a same thing happening don't know why. >> i have never been a fan of a manager stopping, quitting in the middle of the season. it is just abandoning the team. >> i would be disappoint if it was somebody i looked up to and i bought into what he was saying,
and dave ross has highlights and they're worth waiting for, nats and phillies when we return.  >>> good evening. i am dave ross and you think it's fun to play the phillies on back to back days? well, yesterday the had to deal with roy halladay -- the nats had to deal with roy halladay. tonight just some guy named cliff lee. there is the aforementioned lee trying to lead his phillies to a sixth straight win over the nats, but the nats could care less about all that. mike morris who has been on fire, the broken bat let roger bernadina come on down, morris three more hits, two more r.b.i.s and the very next batter is danny etch nose. cliff lee, take that -- espinoza. cliff lee take that. nats cruising 5-0. bottom 6th more from espinoza not done, tattoos another cliff lee offering. take that cy young award winner, his second high home run game in his career and the nats erupt for 10 runs and pound the phillies 10-2. >> we can hit them. they're great pitchers obviously, but three had losses before and no one in this game has been perfect. so obviously they're not g
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impersonator gets yankeddfrom the stage over the weekend. 3((nats of thh escort...)) 3 3 thhs happened... at the republican leadership orleans..../áápresiientáá &p obama... &&pimpprsonattr ...reggie brown -3 .../ ttoo thee -3 stage .../ told some jokes.../ and... they were ind of -3 funny...// &p33 sot-brown: "we're more than half way throughhjune already. myyfavvrite month is february - blackkhistory month. see michelle, she celebrates thee full month, and you know, i &pceleerate half (prolonged laugher)." laugher)."sot- brown: ""ou got your frontruuner mitt romney.. don't get me wrong, he mmght make a great presidentt along with his first lady, e- hh...second lady, e-hh.. thiid lady (llughter and boos)." later... / ááorganizersáá & felt... brown's ... humor .../ got... out of hand,.../ áásoáá they... yanked him... offstage .../ aad... eet back to business. 3& tense moments ... anthony murder trial./.. áá whenáá the judge ...had..
passtime. >>> a new era is about to begin for the nats. the latest on the team's new manager when lindsey murphy joins us after the break. and say hi tom's family and martina's family. there they are. >>> good afternoon. i'm lindsey murphy. it's the talk of the town and now it's not just talk any more. the nationals have made it official, davie johnson will be managing the team on monday. after jim rigleman abruptly retired on thursday. johnson has been a senior advisor for two years and now he will return to the big leagues 11 years after he last managed. johnson is 68 and a former american league manager of the year with the o's. he won a world series with the melts and has five division titles. as for his new role -- >> we've got him on a three- year consultant contract. with that he's going to manage the team for the 2011 season. after the 2011 season davie and i are going to sit down and evaluate the managerial position and the managerial situation. we're going to then do a full managerial search. davie will assist in that search as either a candidate or a consultant. >> did you get
. >>> the bottom of the 9th. nats trail the mariners 5-1 and ryan zimmerman just grounded into a double play. if that's not your definition of a lost cause you are the most optimistic person on either. may have been the most dramatic comeback in history. jerry hairston. then this. >> trying to climb out of the hole. a swing. long stretch to left field. that one is going back and back and back and it is gone. >> a three-run walk-off by the rookie catcher. great call on the nats broadcaster johnny holliday. we thought you might like to see how that soundedded in in the mariners broadcast. same play. >> 1-1. no way. no way. no way. >> yes way. that's dave sims who was too stunned to actually call the home run. he got over it. a 6-5 win for the nats. same two teams tonight. nats with a chance to reach 500 for the first time since late april. john lannan facing former oriole erik bedard. >>> day game in pittsburgh. orioles and pirates. ike davis playing second for the birds and he would like to dig a hole an jump in it. right through the wicket. that was the difference in the ballgame. 5-4. >>> o
. the best sports in town. >> here is a sign the nats are getting better. the san francisco giants won the world series last fall. they are in first place in the nl west this year and yet no matter what happened in today's game the nats had already won the season series against them. nats 4-2 against san fran. season finale today out west. down 1-0 in the 7th when it is ripped into the corner in right. michael moore scores on the double. tying the game at 1. but you hate when there is a but. bottom of the 7th. brandon crawford takes him off the wall in center. cody ross scores. triple for crawford. giants win the game 3-1. nats now 3-4 on this road trip. as you may have noticed no jayson werth in the lineup again today slugger scratching for the second day this a row after tweaking his ankle on monday when he was going after a pop foul. no plans to put him on the dl at the moment. hoping to play tomorrow in san diego. >>> all of that is a far cry from the excitement surrounding the nationalities nationals a year ago. as close as you can get to a national holiday without congress decl
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the team is former orioles manager davey johnson. nats' g.m. mike rizzo said it was an easy choice for him. johnson has been a consult sent since 2009. he's very familiar with the team. he said he has a plan in pliss for davey johnson. >> after the 2011 season, davey and i are going to sit down and evaluate the managerial position and managerial situation. we are going to then do a full managerial search. davey will assist in that search and he will be one of the candidates, if not one of the top candidates to be the manager in the longer haul. >> you see him right there in an orioles uniform. more including when you can sew davey johnson with a nationals uniform on in a few minutes in sports. >> and he's inheriting a pretty good team right now at least. >> they're hot. >> thanks, horace. still to come here on abc7 news -- a special tribute today. firefighters honor one of their own who died in the line of duty. how they're remembering him. plus, crisis talks at the white house. president obama called a special meeting to talk about the approaching de
to the nats, the mets, red, orioles and dodgers. he only took over one of those teams in midseason which of the reds and when he did, he lost his first game and won his second. last night johnson and his n his nats debut lost to the angels 4 -- in his nats debut lost to the angels 4-3 in 10. jayson werth comes in to score who doubled earlier. 4th inning now nats leading 1 -0. >>> cardinals losing 5-0. mat holliday makes it 6-0 with a solo home run to left field, his 10th of the year. oh oh, top of 9 now, two-run home run, luke scott retreats and great scott, what a catch! the orioles fall to the cardinals 6-2. >>> florida state forward chris singleton and butler guard sheldon mack were chosen today. max from lexington kentucky is good friend with john wall and he already knows his upcoming role with the wizards. >> somebody said team toughness. i'm not going to be starting. john wall will be starting point guard. i'm going to try to get better every day in perhaps ask just enjoy the challenge of being in the -- and just enjoy the challenge of being in the nba. >>> women's world cup unite
, the next two majors and the rest of the year. baseball now, the nats started their game in san francisco about an hour ago and jim riggleman the manager was not in the dugout. that is because he and pitcher jason marquis was both suspended. the suspensions came after the two men were ejected sunday after marquis hit arizona's justin upton with that pitch right there. the nats were nursing a one-run lead and hitting upton put the winning run on base. marquis would never have done that and the ump and league should have realized that. the suspensions totally ridiculous. nats trailing the giants 1-0. but two men on for desmond. lance knicks scores. game tied at one. so now the bases are loaded for ramos. a chance to blow this game open right here and he whimps on the curve ball. giants lead 2-1 in the 4th. speaking of the nats, you know you've been in the major a long time when you've still playing and your son gets drafted. >> ivan rodriguez junior was drafted in the sixth round tonight. he's an outfielder. his dad now in season 21. well, if you thought the lockout might heal some of the w
pitchers, each of whom won the cy young award and in each case with those guys this year, the nats have spanked them. cliff lee and the phillies on south capitol street tonight. the chance cliff lee has never heard of danny espinoza. he's heard of him now. 5-0 nats lee. jason marquis throwing for the nats. they're calling out there. he said he had his foot on the bag. it's kind of close. and then espinoza. now cliff lee really knows this guy. second of the year. and more good news, ryan zimmerman will play in an extended string training game down in florida -- spring training game down in florida tomorrow. the nats first star baseman could be back by mid june. also broken ground for the training facilities. it will be open next year. >> all right. with their coaches, the redskins were 6-10 last year. without their coaches, they're the most committed team in football. at least according to the sacramento bee who have been tracking san francisco during the lock out and they say the redskins, the saints and the dolphins get the highest grades. meanwhile haynesworth can take at least one le
this morning)) 3 ((pause for nats)) nats)) the grand ppix comes to 3pbaltimore... in september. 3 five u-s servicemembers were killed today in iraq..he deaths are tte single largest in iraq ince 2009.the u-s military has not said how or where the five were killed...but raqi security forces say they were killedd duriig an early morning mortar attack.the attack comes ass iraq debates whether to request that u-s troops stay beyond january first...a deadline that requires &p46thousand american forcee out &pof the country. police in harford county are on the lookkut for two men... who stabbed a ffst-food pmmloyee... during an attempped robbery. robbeeyy it happened saturday night... at he k-f-c on puuaski highway in edgewood. police say three employees when the susppcts forced their automatic handgun and a knife. when one female worker tried to activate a secrettsecurity system... she wassstabbed in the shoulder.policeeare now reviewing surveillance video... for more clues on one to demand more cash. o moments 3 after being injured durrng a pitbull aatack. city's greektown community.the
each team can be profitable. >>> talking baseball. injury update. nats' jerry harr stop who left after getting hit by a pitch will now miss two to four weeks because of a broken right hand. as for new manager johnson, he's 0 for 3 after the nats were swept by the angels. johnson and the nats struggled defensively in anaheim. bottom four, zimmerman pitching with a runner at third. zimmerman fields it, tries to get abreyu at second. advances to third. angels would take a 1-0 lead. one batter later. bottom six, still 1-0 angels. zimmerman gets some help from his defense. so not all bad. single into the gap, but roger bernadina cuts it off, spins and throws a strike to second. and he's out, great play by bernadina. zimmerman went eight innings, no earned runs. angels' starter heroine was just as good. nats still trail in the seventh. stare struck out six. nats down to their last out. michael moore up facing wall, 100 mile an hour fastball. nats lose 1-0 get swept by the angels. the nats' record drops to 40 and 41 and the nats start an 11-game home stand tomorrow night against the pirates.
for the out. the nats have gone 104 2/3 innings without an error. the padres, their final out, it's tossed to first. storen earns his 15th save. the nats finish their road trip 6-5. afterwards the starting pitcher dissected his performance. >> the first time through i threw a fastball slider and then the second time through i brought out the curve ball a little bit and threw a couple change-ups and it kept them off balance all day and did pretty well. >> jordan was outstanding. you know, he had some more gas in the tank, too. he could have continued on, but we shut him off right there and coffey did a great job, as did drew storen, but it's been kind of the way we've been playing lightly, good defense, good pitching, bullpen coming through almost every time and, you know, you add a couple runs to it here and there and it's going to be a real good formula for success. >> pretty good road trip for the nationals. they fly back to d.c. as i speak. they have an off-day tomorrow and begin a nine-game homestand tuesday against the st. louis cardinals. good news, third baseman ryan zimmerman expec
, a farewell ceremony for the defense secretary and it could cause a traffic mess tomorrow. >>> so the nats played some baseball tonight. how did they do. >> they arrived in anaheim winning 13 of the last 15 games, but the new manager was starting from scratch despite 14 seasons of major league experience. the nats try to give their skipper the first victory in a washington uniform. davey johnson trying to keep the nats above the .500 mark. ryan zimmerman fields and trying to get bobby abreu at second. but he throws it way. abreu advances to third. >> he should have had it. >> he should have. since his return, it's zimmerman's fourth throwing error in three games. that starts the double play, but the angels get an unearned run as abreu scores, 1-0 anaheim. bottom of sixth. zimmerman pitching well. zimmerman gets help from the defense. roger cuts it off, spins and throws a strike to second. abreu is so out. great play. zimmerman went eight innings and gave up four hit sdps no earned runs. great play there. angels starter dan haren just as good. haren struck out six and gave up two hits in 7
. this was a good thing. >> not for the nats. >> for the nats, no. >> 11 games in 11 days. that is a killer road trip. but not the good kind of killer road trip. it's a trip that has spelled doom. could the nats get started out on the foot in phoenix? plus secret talks by the nfl that could end the lockout. and the horrifying drama of the national spelling bee. we have a winner. it ended just moments ago. you'll see it next. cw [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >>> it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> at 24 and 31, the nats are still within shouting distance of 500. but will they be on june 12th? starting today, they embarked on an 11 game road trip to arizona, san francisco and san diego. a trip that some east coast teams refer to as the amelia air heart. sometimes you're never heard from again. game one tonight against the d-backs and the nats did not waste any time.
to now the nats when it's draft night being a big deal, and its been a big deal the last couple years. >> because if you continue to be bad on a consistent basis you'll continue to pick high in the draft and eventually you're going to get better, soon? >> right. >> some time, we hope and think. it's the one benefit, after all you get to pick a stud in the draft every year. nats picked another one tonight. we'll introduce you to him plus what was this nba stud doing in a d.c. pick up game tonight? and a vicious hit in the stanley cup finals may have altered this series. 9 sports next. the new droid x2 by motorola with a dual core processor ? i could do everything faster. it's a shame mckenzie's too young to buy me one for father's day. we'd play games on it together, listen to music, watch movies. she'd want me to have one. and what kind of father would i be to get in her way ? i'll just sign her name on the card. give dad a gift he'd give himself, like the new, more powerful than ever droid x2, or the droid pro for $99.99, and get unlimited data for just $29.99. verizon. >>> some peop
to expire in october. after leading the nats in their best record since 2005, he gave gm an ultimatum this morning. either extend my contract for today's game or i'm not getting on the bus to go to chicago. they refused. riggleman walked. >> i know i'm not casey stangle, but i do know what i'm doing and it's not a situation i should feel like i should continue. >> rizzo said he tried to change his mind after the game today but to no avail. the team reacted with shock. we'll tell you who might replace him coming up in sports. anita. >> okay, brett. >>> 13 hours of footage showing graphic child sex abuse. 86 victims recorded on the tape and the average age of the child three years old. those are the disgusting and chilling details surrounding earl bradley. today a judge found the former delaware pediatrician assaulting scores of his patients. prosecutors boiled it all down to a 24-count indictment alleging rape, assault and sexual exploitation of children. police arrested bradley back in december of 2009 after a 2-year-old told her mother the doctor hurt her. >>> standard operating proc
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